Anssi Pulkkinen, born 1982, is a visual artist living and working in Helsinki. He has graduated from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, majoring in sculpture. Currently he's completing another master's degree in Film directing at the Aalto University, and working on his DFA in the Academy of Fine Arts, University of Arts Helsinki. 

Pulkkinen works predominantly with sculptures, installations and moving image with an interest in space and architecture. In his practice Pulkkinen takes a place or a site as a point of departure, thus adapting forms, constructions and representations of reality that surrounds us. Distortion (of the "normal" and thus often the "norm") is a favoured modus of his art. His distortions come as fine operations, serene and delicate, with humour. He uses travesty or mimicry, whereby works disguise themselves as elements from a familiar environment; once inserted in a daily setting they literally multiply the view and the experience thereof.